Ice Cube Net Worth 2024: Early Life, Personal Life, and Career


Ice Cube, born O’Shea Jackson, is a multi-talented artist whose impact extends beyond the boundaries of music. From his early days as a member of the groundbreaking rap group N.W.A to his successful career in acting and entrepreneurship, Ice Cube has become a cultural icon. As of 2024, Ice Cube net worth stands as a testament to his enduring influence in the entertainment industry.

Profile Summary

ice cube net worth
NameIce Cube
Net Worth$160 Million
Age54 Years Old
Date of BirthJune 15, 1969
Height1.73 M
Weight88 Kg
Eyes ColorDark Brown
Hair ColorBlack
ParentsFather (Hosea Jackson), Mother (Doris Benjamin)
Birth CityLos Angeles, California
Living CityLos Angeles for Arizona

Early Life

Ice Cube, born O’Shea Jackson on June 15, 1969, in Baldwin Hills, South Central Los Angeles, experienced a childhood shaped by the vibrant yet challenging surroundings of his neighborhood. Raised in a working-class family, he developed a keen interest in the emerging rap and hip-hop culture that permeated the streets of Los Angeles during the late 1980s. Despite facing the economic struggles typical of his community, Ice Cube’s early experiences laid the foundation for his future endeavors in the entertainment industry. His journey from the streets to the pinnacle of success showcases the resilience and determination that would become defining characteristics of his life and career.

Personal Life

In his personal life, Ice Cube has been a pillar of stability and commitment. Married to Kimberly Woodruff since 1992, the couple has weathered the challenges of fame and fortune while prioritizing their family values. The union has produced a lasting bond, with four children adding joy and purpose to their lives. Despite the often tumultuous nature of the entertainment industry, Ice Cube’s ability to maintain a relatively private personal life speaks volumes about his dedication to his family and his desire to shield them from the prying eyes of the public.

Music Career

Ice Cube’s music career is a testament to his impact on the hip-hop landscape. As a founding member of the pioneering rap group N.W.A, he played a pivotal role in shaping the genre’s trajectory with socially conscious and unapologetic lyrics. Upon departing from N.W.A, Ice Cube’s solo career soared to new heights, marked by critically acclaimed albums like “AmeriKKKa’s Most Wanted” and “Death Certificate.” Known for his sharp and incisive lyricism, Ice Cube has consistently addressed socio-political issues, making his mark not just as a rapper but as a voice for the marginalized. His enduring influence in the rap scene continues to resonate, solidifying his place as one of the genre’s legends.

Acting and Film Career

Ice Cube’s foray into the world of acting has been as successful as his music career. He made his acting debut in the critically acclaimed film “Boyz n the Hood” (1991), directed by John Singleton. Cube’s authenticity and on-screen charisma quickly caught the attention of both audiences and filmmakers. He went on to star in a string of successful films, including the cult classic “Friday” (1995), where his role as Craig Jones showcased his comedic talent. Ice Cube continued to impress with performances in “Barbershop” (2002) and its sequels, demonstrating his versatility as an actor. His work in family-friendly films like “Are We There Yet?” (2005) expanded his audience base, solidifying Ice Cube’s standing as a respected actor with broad appeal. Through his film career, Ice Cube has seamlessly transitioned from the gritty realities of his rap lyrics to a diverse range of characters on the silver screen, leaving an indelible mark in both the music and film industries.

ice cube net worth


  • Rapper
  • Record Producer
  • Film Director
  • Film Producer
  • Songwriter
  • Director
  • Screenwriter
  • Voice Actor
  • Film Actor
  • Television Producer
  • Film Score Composer

Business Ventures

Ice Cube’s foray into business ventures has been as dynamic as his artistic career. Beyond the realms of music and film, he has demonstrated an astute entrepreneurial spirit. One of his notable ventures is the founding of the BIG3 basketball league in 2017, a professional 3-on-3 basketball league featuring retired NBA players. The league has gained traction and showcased Cube’s ability to bring innovation to the sports industry. Additionally, he has delved into film production through his CubeVision production company, contributing to successful projects like the “Friday” film series. Ice Cube’s ventures outside entertainment underline his strategic mindset, proving that he’s not only a cultural icon but also a shrewd businessman.

Ice Cube Property

Ice Cube, the renowned rapper, actor, and entrepreneur, is known for his successful career and business ventures, and his lavish lifestyle is reflected in his impressive real estate holdings. One of his notable residences is a mansion located in the affluent neighborhood of Encino, Los Angeles. This sprawling estate boasts luxurious amenities, including a state-of-the-art home theater, a spacious outdoor pool, and meticulously landscaped grounds. Th

Ice Cube Net Worth 2024:

As of 2024, Ice Cube net worth is estimated to be in the range of $160 million to $200 million. This significant fortune is a testament to his enduring success in the entertainment industry, his astute business decisions, and his ability to stay relevant across multiple decades.

Last 5 Years Ice Cube Net Worth

YearIce Cube Net Worth
2023$160 Million
2022$160 Million
2021$130 Million
2020$130 Million
2019$110 Million

Ice Cube Car Collection

Car’s ModelPrice
Rolls Royce Ghost$335,000
Range Rover SV Auto$220,000
Lamborghini Huracan EVO$206,485
Bentley Flying Spur$120,000
Mercedes G63 AMG$156,000
Chrysler 300$42,155
Jaguar XJL$101,000
Aston Martin DB11$242,086
Cadillac Escalade$98,000
Audi RS7$118,500

Ice Cube Awards

Award Name’sYear
I Am Hip-Hop Award2009
NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series2011
Favorite Action Team2000
Soul Train Music Award for Quincy Jones Award2005
Award for Excellence in Entertainment2014

Ice Cube Social Profiles

Social Media Name’sLink
FacebookIce Cube
TwitterIce Cube
YouTubeIce Cube / Cubevision

Some Questions About Ice Cube Net Worth, and His Life

What is the real name of Ice Cube?

O’Shea Jackson.

What is the yearly income of Ice Cube?

Ice Cube annual earnings amount to approximately $26 million in a given year.

What is the monthly income of Ice Cube?

Ice Cube monthly earnings amount to approximately $3 Million in a given month.

How many siblings of Ice Cube?

Ice Cube has three siblings, including two brothers, Clyde Ray Jackson and Pat Jackson, and an older half-sister, Beverly Jean Brown.

How many kids of Ice Cube?

Ice Cube has four children, and their names are O’Shea Jackson Jr., Darrel Jackson, Kareema Jackson, and Shareef Jackson.

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As of 2024, Ice Cube net worth is a testament to his multifaceted career, spanning music, acting, filmmaking, and business. From his humble beginnings in South Central Los Angeles to becoming a cultural icon, Ice Cube’s journey reflects resilience, talent, and the ability to adapt to the ever-changing landscape of the entertainment industry. As he continues to leave an enduring legacy, one can only anticipate further contributions from this legendary figure in the years to come.

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